Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The "new year" has come... and now is going- Valentine's day has come... and now gone-
Wow this year is going quickly!
Guess I should give an update~

Life is good- really what do we have to complain about- we bathe and take showers in drinking water and have more food than we can eat, right?!
We are blessed... truly blessed!

This year (school year that is) I added a new job to my life/schedule/etc...
At the beginning of the this school year I started teaching sewing at a local charter school.

What a wonderful experience, for me...and I am hoping for the kids!  I am teaching  5-8th graders and 2-3rd graders... how to sew... hand sew that is~
We start out with sewing tools, then fabric and then how to thread a needle and practice stitching- it has been great! And of course what do I hear... "when are we going to make something?!?" and my answer "...we have to practice our stitches first and then we can make something special..." 

Patience... it truly is a virtue and a gift, of which each of us, no matter our age, will have to learn.  May we take the time to sit down and learn a basic skill- I believe sewing is one of them. It takes patience, practice and time; hopefully time with one another.

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